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Board of Trustees

Board Officers

Stephen Rountree ’71, Chair
Coit Blacker ’72, Board Vice-Chair
David Burcham ’73, Board Vice-Chair
Lisa H. Link P’18, Board Vice-Chair and Chair Elect

Board Members

Lande Ajose ’87
Timothy Allison-Hatch ’71
David H. Anderson ’63
Magdalena Arenas ’92 P’19
Carl A. Ballton ’69
David W. Berkus ’62 P’95
John G. Branca ’72
Eileen A. Brown ’73
Anne Cannon ’74
Lisa Coscino ’85
Nancy Dambro ’75 P’13
Hector De La Torre ’89 P’20
Gloria Duffy ’75
Louise Edgerton ’67 M’69
Diane L. Evans ’76 H’12
Bradley C. Fauvre ’87
Alan Freeman ’66 M’67 P’91
Michael Gibby ’68
Ronald R. Hahn ’66
Maurine S. Halperin P’16
Alison Hawkins ’87
Lori Moore Hunter ’79 P’08
Bob Johnson ’77
Gary L. Kaplan ’71
Gil K. Kemp P’04
Gordon MacInnes ’63
Susan H. Mallory ’76 M’78
Greta J. Mandell ’72 P’92
Bonnie Mills ’81
Theodore R. Mitchell H’07
Art Peck ’77
Steven R. Robinson ’77
Rick Rugani ’75
Reid Samuelson ’72
Soroosh Shambayati ’86 H’13
Christopher Varelas ’85
J. Grant Woods ’76*


Harry J. Elam, Jr.

Board of Governors President

Tuan Ngo ’07, Ex Officio, Board of Governors President

Presidents Emeriti

Theodore R. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Robert A. Skotheim, Ph.D
John Brooks Slaughter, Ph.D.
Jonathan A. Veitch, Ph.D.

Chairs Emeriti

Ginny Cushman ’55
Christopher C. Calkins ’67 P’96
Dennis A. Collins P’94
John Farmer P’98
Irwin S. Field GP’11 GP’14
Stephen F. Hinchliffe, Jr. ’55 H’16 P’88 GP’18 GP’22
Peter W. Mullin

Trustees Emeriti

Ronald J. Arnault
Alice Walker Duff ’69 H’02
J. Eugene Grigsby III ’66
Fred J. Hameetman ’62
Allen W. Mathies, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
Kristine A. Morris ’76
Catherine A. Pepe ’64
Jack D. Samuelson ’46 H’97 P’72 P’77 GP’15
Rosemary B. Simmons ’53
S. Tod White ’59
Charles E. Young H’97
Daniel Ian McKinnon ’89

Alumni Association Board of Governors

Tuan Ngo ’07, President
Brenda Barham Hill ’71 P’03, Vice President
Tsering Lama ’15, Vice President
Carolyn (Coulter) Liesy ’64 P’92, Vice President
Erika Nuno ’00, Vice President
Calli C. Obern ’16, Vice President
Stuart Rhoden ’92, Vice President
Kevin Adler ’07
Paul Andres ’81
Stacey Carr ’04
Evita Chavez ’15
Rosny Daniel ’09
Jack Hodges ’61 P’88 GP’22
William "Bill" Johnson ’75
Jessica Kirkpatrick ’02

Jaime Kotin ’12
Maria Limas ’95
Maribel (Rios) Louie ’97
Mel Malmberg ’79
Benjamin "Ben" Phelps ’03
David "Dave" Poetzinger ’89 P’17
Jackie Provost ’02
Talia Robinson ’97
Andrew E. Rubin ’71
Aja-Fullo Sanneh ’13
Helen Shafran ’87
Grace Sheldon-Williams ’83
Jacob "Jake" Stevens ’08
Lisa (Quillen) Tegethoff ’99
Richard "Rick" Towner ’85

Alumni Council Members

Charles McClintock ’68, Alumni Council Chair
Julie Johnson ’61 P’87
J. Douglas Raff ’81
Loren Brodhead ’59
Tom Kosakowski ’88
Angel Cervantes ’94
Anne Cannon ’74
Bradley C. Fauvre ’87
Danielle Gordon ’10
Robert Cody ’68
John B. Power ’58 H’19 GP’12
Ginny Cushman ’55
JoAnne Fink ’76
Judy M. Lam ’87
Julie Williams ’70
Kenneth Sulzer ’82 P’14
Ray Yen ’82
Patti Brugman ’78
Peter Wright ’05
Shawn Hanson ’83 P’11 P’14
Silva Zeneian ’01

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Campaign Steering Committee

Many of Occidental’s most engaged alumni volunteers worked on the planning and priorities of The Oxy Campaign For Good.

Anne Wilson Cannon ’74, Co-chair
William M. Kahane ’70, Co-chair
Gil K. Kemp P’04, Co-chair
David W. Berkus ’62 P’95 GP’16, Member
Eileen A. Brown ’73, Member
Harold A. Brown ’73, Member
Lucia W. Choi-Dalton ’89, Member
Gloria C. Duffy ’75, Member
Gary L. Kaplan ’71, Member
John B. Power ’58 H’19 GP’12, Member
S. Tod White ’59, Member
David H. Anderson ’63, Honorary Member
Dennis A. Collins P’94, Honorary Member
Ginny Goss Cushman ’55, Honorary Member
John Cushman ’55, Honorary Member
Tawnie Buchanan Farmer ’64 P’98, Honorary Member
John Farmer P’98, Honorary Member
Stephen F. Hinchliffe Jr. ’55 H’16 P’88 GP’12 GP’22, Honorary Member

Catherine Young Selleck ’55 H’18, Honorary Member

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Oxy Fund Executive Council

As representatives of the Oxy Fund volunteer leadership community, the Executive Committee advises Oxy’s Institutional Advancement team on philanthropic and engagement opportunities across the range of programs that contribute to Oxy’s success in raising critical annual support to advance the College’s mission. These programs include the Ben Culley Society, Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD), Leadership Giving, the McMenamin Society, Parents Council, Reunion Giving and Tiger Club. Members also serve as advocates for the College and the Oxy Fund to their respective communities.

Lakshmi K. Dastur ’88 P’21, Co-Chair, The Oxy Fund
Ray Yen ’82, Co-Chair, The Oxy Fund
Julie D. Johnson ’61 P’87, Honorary Vice Chair
Dr. Robert L. Cody ’68, Vice Chair, Athletic Giving
Siddharth Saravat ’15, Vice Chair, GOLD Giving
Rebecca F. Bjorklund ’06, Vice Chair, Leadership Giving
Peter B. Bjorklund ’06, Vice Chair, Leadership Giving
Silva Zeneian ’01, Vice Chair, Leadership Giving
Azadeh (Azi) Foyouzi-Mohebbi P’23, Vice Chair, Parents Giving
Afshin Mohebbi-Gilani P’23, Vice Chair, Parents Giving
Dr. Sundar Rajendran P’23, Vice Chair, Parents Giving
Terry A. Rajendran P’23, Vice Chair, Parents Giving
Charles McClintock, Ph.D. ’68, Vice Chair, Reunion Giving

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Parents Council Committee

The Parents Council is composed of parents from across the country who are dedicated to participating in a leadership role within the Oxy community. Members are critical to building relationships between Oxy parents and the College and in conducting outreach to fellow parents on how Oxy Fund gifts impact the current student experience.

Moira E. Bailey P’19
Willa J. Bernstein P’23
Diane M. Bessette P’23
Erika L. Brewer P’21
William D. Brewer P’21
Andrew Cook P’23
Melissa Cook P’23
Andrew D. Cox P’23
Katherine A. Cox P’23
Peter R. Denwood P’23
Sandy Draper P’24
Thomas W. Duffy P’19
Mindy Duryea P’24
Cathy Farrell P’23
Azadeh (Azi) Foyouzi-Mohebbi P’23
Mark Gainey P’24
Amy G. Gammill P’23
Richard L. Gammill P’23
Michelle W. Henry P’22
Douglas S. Holm P’19
Eva T. Holm P’19

Leah N. Levine P’21
Robert B. Levine P’21
Michael C. Litt P’19 P’22
Michele P. Litt P’19 P’22
Afshin Mohebbi-Gilani P’23
Dr. Lauren S. Muhlheim P’23
Eric W. Muhlheim P’23
Kevin M. Murphy P’23
Paul L. Perez P’23
Jacinta Pister P’12 P’16 P’20
Dr. Sundar Rajendran P’23
Terry A. Rajendran P’23
Paula M. Ramey-Pérez P’23
Bruce Seeley P’21 P’24
Christine Seeley ’92 P’21 P’24
Donald Share P’23
Lisa Silverberg P’22
David Simmons P’23
Rebecca Smith P’24
Grey S. Staples ’86 P’22
Richard Whitmore P’12 P’16 P’20

Day For Oxy Advocates

Horacio Aceves ’03
Elisabeth V. Costa de Beauregard ’98
Megan K. Belmonte ’06
David W. Berkus ’62 P’95 GP’16
Paige L. Brogan ’01
Anne Cannon ’74
Stacey L. Carr ’04
Steven C. Case ’80
Dayna M. Chikamoto ’12
Hannah L. Christensen ’24
Margot H. Clifford ’12
Mary D. Dambro ’13
Thomas W. Duffy P’19
Sara El-Amine ’07 H’18
Sarah M. Ericksen ’16
Scott R. Ericksen ’16
Malena D. Ernani ’17
Alisa E. Fishbach ’87
Azadeh (Azi) Foyouzi-Mohebbi P’23
Liisa M. Halloran ’24
Robin A. Hamilton ’08
Brenda B. Hill, Ph.D. ’71 P’03
Tamara Himmelstein
Amos Himmelstein
Linda A. Hoag ’68 M’70
Jessica A. Kirkpatrick ’02
Jaime Kotin ’12
Judy M. Lam ’87

Hunter W. Leong ’24
Leah N. Levine P’21
Robert B. Levine P’21
Carolyn C. Liesy ’64 P’92
Charles McClintock, Ph.D. ’68
Afshin Mohebbi-Gilani P’23
Eric W. Muhlheim P’23
Lara M. Nassar ’12
Jill M. Normington ’94
Lindsey A. Nurse ’24
Paul L. Perez P’23
Ashley L. Phelps ’06
Benjamin A. Phelps ’03
Jacinta Pister P’12 P’16 P’20
Paula M. Ramey-Pérez P’23
Tayler K. Renshaw ’14
Marilyn Robertson ’70 P’00
Paul E. Sachs P’21 P’23
Ardise Renee Santos-Bundy ’73
Siddharth Saravat ’15
Grey S. Staples ’86 P’22
Christopher M. Weeks ’16
Eric R. Werner ’92
Richard Whitmore P’12 P’16 P’21
Karen E. Whittlesey ’95
Grace Sheldon-Williams ’83
Linda N. Wirschem ’94

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Affinity Groups

Built around shared interests or identity, affinity groups encourage meaningful Oxy connections through service, engagement and philanthropy.

Lynn Carpenter ’87, Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha
Ginny Cushman ’55, Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha
David H. Alpert ’71, Alumni of Occidental in Education
Jill S. Asbjornsen ’76, Alumni of Occidental in Education
Judy M. Lam ’87, Asian Pacific Islander
Ashley Ajayi ’15, Black Alumni of Occidental
Kyle Beasley ’15, Black Alumni of Occidental
Alice Walker Duff ’69 H’02, Black Alumni of Occidental
Tracie Hunter ’96, Black Alumni of Occidental
Samarah Jackson ’15, Black Alumni of Occidental
Eden Mekonen ’16, Black Alumni of Occidental
Michael Moseby ’97, Black Alumni of Occidental
Dottie Burnett ’54, Gamma Kappa Theta Alumnae
Barbie Parrott ’63, Gamma Kappa Theta Alumnae
Keith Malone ’85, Gay And Lesbian Alumni
Enid Busser ’58, Occidental College Women’s Club
Clara T. Gresham ’53 P’85 P’86, Occidental College Women’s Club
Angel Cervantes ’94, Occidental College Latino/a Alumni Association
Andrea Cova ’08, Occidental College Latino/a Alumni Association
Monique Hernandez ’00, Occidental College Latino/a Alumni Association
Teresa Mojarro ’15, Occidental College Latino/a Alumni Association
William "Willie" Morales ’17, Occidental College Latino/a Alumni Association
Erika Nuno ’00, Occidental College Latino/a Alumni Association
Richard Reyes ’12, Occidental College Latino/a Alumni Association
J. Douglas Raff ’81, Occidental Rugby Alumni Association
Daniela Luna ’15, Sigma Lambda Gamma

Boesche Society

Inspired by the teachings of Professor Roger Boesche over his 40-year career at Occidental, members of the Boesche Society have come together to honor his legacy and provide the same opportunity for future generations of Oxy students through their support of the Barack Obama Scholars Program.

Liz B. Blackman ’80, Co-chair
Suzanne F. Greenberg ’82, Co-chair
Janette I. Sadik-Khan ’82 H’10, Co-chair
Mandy Boesche, Honorary chair

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Class Secretaries

Class notes are the backbone of the Occidental magazine—and Oxy’s volunteer corps of class secretaries is vital to its success.

Frances (Kratz) Moffitt ’44 P’70 P’71 P’75 GP’06
Peggy Sanchis Waters ’49 P’77
G.S. "Bud" Ingersoll ’50
Jo Ann C. Williams ’51
Chester J. Acree ’51
Emilie M. Smyth ’52
Willard O. Bangham ’53
Nancy R. MacCoon ’54
Lyn Fisher ’56
Suzo McKellar ’58
Carole G. Abernathy ’59
Robin Hinchliffe ’60
The Rev. Deborah E. Brown ’61
Capt. Victor J. Wadsley ’62
Barbara Lee Parrott ’63
Sharon J. Dawson ’64
Linda L. West ’65 P’90
Gregory M. Gazda ’66
Steven J. Kawa ’67
Ann L. Matlow ’68
Mary C. Hoffman ’69 M’70
Frances A. Rolater ’70
Andrew E. Rubin ’71
Don Van Atta ’72
Jeannette N. Helfrich ’73
Karen A. Casner ’74
Paul R. Walker ’75
Susan H. Eiden ’76
Diane L. Alterman ’77
Patricia A. Brugman ’78
Gail E. Ginell ’79
Deanne Poulos ’80
Michael B. Jorgensen ’81
Dr. Karen L. Turchan ’82
Bruce M. Bader ’83 P’17
Margaret W. Meland ’84

Richard E. Miller ’85
Stacie A. Dalrymple, Ph.D. ’86
Helen S. Shafran ’87
Anna C. Pehoushek ’88
Julie D. Gonzalez ’89
Sharon M. Saxton ’90
Loren A. Roberts ’91
David A. Stewart ’92
Sophie S. Martin ’93
Alice Ng ’94
Timothy Suing ’95
Delmy G. Lopez ’96
Thomas J. Murphy ’96
Jennifer K. Freemon ’97 M’99
Dana H. Ganes ’98
Sara Bushey Ohrel ’99
Patricia A. Witkowsky ’00
David A. Edwards ’01
Sarah K. Stowens ’02
Joel R. Key ’04
Samantha B. Thacker, Ed.D. ’05
Karen M. Quan ’06
Jean Lee "Jeannie" Duong ’07
Mathias "Vince" Karlen ’08
Jessica M.T. Lobl ’09
Deylin O. Thrift-Viveros ’10
Kyle A.V. Herrera ’11
Nick Young ’12
Kirsten Easton-Hazzaa ’13
Tayler K. Renshaw ’14
Maira Solia ’15
Christopher M. Weeks ’16
Wellesley A. Daniels ’17
Joscelyn Y. Guzman ’18
Anna Holm ’19
Ellen Mcdermott ’20

Fifty Year Club

The Fifty Year Club board leads the planning and organization of FYC regional activities and the annual Fifty Year Club Day.

Linda Larson Ashley ’66, President
Mike Blaylock ’64, Past-President
David Elson ’67, President-Elect
Howden Fraser ’69, Member-At-Large
Linda Hoag ’68 M’70, Secretary
Marilyn (Nottingham) Robertson ’70 P’00, Member-At-Large

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Hameetman Career Center Executive Council

The Hameetman Career Center Executive Council is a group of accomplished alumni and parents who advise and support the Hameetman Career Center in the strategic vision to transform career services at Occidental.

Christina Bird P’21
Christian Brickman ’86
Robert R. Buchi ’87
Bradley C. Fauvre ’87
Allen H. Fukada ’86 P’21
John D. Henry P’22
Lori M. Hunter ’79 P’08
Brent A. Reinke ’84
Talia A. Robinson ’97

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Obama Scholars Advisory Council

The Obama Scholars Advisory Council is a group of civic, philanthropic and business leaders who provide ongoing support and counsel for Obama Scholars and Fellows while at Occidental.

Hector De La Torre ’89 P’20, Co-Chair
Sara El-Amine ’07 H’18, Co-Chair
David H. Anderson ’63
Amb. Denise Campbell Bauer ’86
Ann Blume P’14
Bruce Blume P’14
John Branca ’72
Bill Davis ’80
Laurent Delanney ’82
Dr. Susan DiMarco P’17
Fred DuVal ’76
Mark Fabiani P’21
Alan G. Freeman ’66 M’67 P’89 P’91
Roger Guenveur Smith ’77 H’11
Maurine S. Halperin P’16
Philip W. Halperin P’16
Wahid Hamid ’82 H’11
Octavio Herrera ’98
Jane Hickerson*

Glenn Hickerson
Jeh Johnson H’15 P’17
Bob Johnson ’77
Chris Johnson ’83
Rob McKay ’86 H’03
Dr. Ted Mitchell H’07
Steve Olson
David Plouffe
Prof. Ryan Preston-Roedder
Ben Rhodes
Eve M. Riley, JD P’17
Joel Y. Riley, MD P’17
Janette Sadik-Khan ’82 H’10
John Brooks Slaughter H’99
Maya Soetoro-Ng H’18
Joe Solmonese
Amb. Vinai Kumar Thummalapally
Jonathan Veitch, President

Regional Engagement Committee Volunteers

Regional chapters provide alumni and parents an opportunity to partner in planning engaging events for Tigers nationwide.

Melissa Brady ’97
Bailee J. Brown ’15
Max Calbick ’77
Steve Case ’80
Dayna Chikamoto ’12
Matthew Cibellis ’86
Quinn Coan ’15
Thom Duffy P’19
Felix Fels ’15
Benna Gottfried ’07
Shumway Marshall ’05
"Maya" Qin Mei ’18
Bill Meleney ’72 P’15
Ashkan Mortazavi ’17

Ashley (Bennett) Moss ’09
Tuan Ngo ’07
Calli C. Obern ’16
Angela Patriarca ’03
Tayler Renshaw ’14
Jon Reynolds ’15
Christina S. Ronac ’97
Lisa Tegethoff ’99
Matthew Thompson ’97
Margeau Valteau ’13
Christopher M. Weeks ’16
Rachel Wilson ’15
Nicholas Young ’12

Reunion Giving Committee

Reunion giving committees are assembled by alumni to encourage their peers to contribute to Oxy in honor of their milestone five-year reunions. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with classmates while supporting the programs that make the Oxy experience unique.

50th Reunion Committee

David H. Alpert ’71
Lynne Chaffee Berry ’71
Margot Sanders Eddy ’71
Dr. Hal E. Hansen ’71
Brenda Barham Hill, Ph.D. ’71 P’03
Russell A. Reece ’71 P’95 GP’22
Andrew E. Rubin ’71

45th Reunion Committee

Frederick P. DuVal, J.D. ’76
JoAnne Fink ’76
Zena Greenspan ’76
Christopher P. Hamel ’76
J. Grant Woods ’76*
Ellen L. Yeany ’76

40th Reunion Committee

Paul M. Andres ’81
Carolyn Y. Carlson ’81
Devon D. Dougherty ’81
Jane Zimmerman Ettinger ’81
Jodi Goetz ’81
Cyrus D. Irani ’81
Michael B. Jorgensen ’81
Marji L. Morrow ’81
J. Douglas Raff ’81

35th Reunion Committee

Carol J. Baker ’86 P’19
Christine M. Chang ’86
Patricia Cook Graesser ’86
Deanna Smith Kilgour ’86 P’18
Melissa K. Schwartz ’86
Grey S. Staples ’86 P’22
Christopher M. Werner ’86
William S. Yee ’86

30th Reunion Committee

Daniel E. Givens ’91
Scott D. Hohnbaum ’91
Kurt G. Johnson ’91

25th Reunion Committee

Delmy G. Lopez ’96
Janet N. McIntyre ’96
Michelin R. Sharp ’96
Tony Lap Wai Wong ’97

20th Reunion Committee

Paige (Marino) Brogan ’01
Stephen Michael Capezza ’01
Zeljko Gigio Sakota ’01
Silva J. Zeneian ’01

15th Reunion Committee

Anders J. Engdahl ’06
Lauren D. Greeno ’06
Ashley Luth Phelps ’06
Daniel P. Riley ’06
Luciana Y. Yoshiyasu ’06

10th Reunion Committee

Charles H. Bennett ’11
Alicia M.C. Facada ’11
Juebong A. Khwarg ’11
Marissa A. Posada ’11

5th Reunion Committee

Julius D. DiLorenzo ’16
Sarah M. Ericksen ’16
Scott R. Ericksen ’16
Somer A. Greene ’16
Keith A. Jones ’16
Calli C. Obern ’16
Jemma Maguire Parsons ’16
Annemarie J. Schnedler ’16
Christopher M. Weeks ’16

Science Task Force

David H. Anderson ’63
Chelsea Blankenchip ’17
Namandjé Bumpus ’03
John Clague ’67
Scott Corbett ’77 P’10
Mary D. Dambro ’13
Dan Deems ’82
Jeani C. Delagardelle ’78
Diane Evans ’76 H’12
Jim Finegan ’89
Morris Goldman ’75
Jorge Granja ’82
Jack Griffith ’64
Ann Hand ’76
Vincent Hand ’76
Pete Hanson ’82 P’11 P’14
Shawn Hanson ’83 P’11 P’14

Kenneth C. Kalunian, M.D. ’75
Jessica A. Kirkpatrick ’02
Robb Linde ’87
Thomas "Matt" Laroche ’76
Charles McClintock ’68
Daniel A. Minguez ’09
Susan Pattee ’84
Jacinta Pister P’12 P’16 P’20
Prof. Russell A. "Rusty" Reece ’71 P’95 GP’22
Soroosh Shambayati ’86 H’13
Michael Speer ’64
Mike Steinberg ’72
Mabel Vasquez ’93
Karen E. Whittlesey ’95
Janice Willson ’64
Mark Woollen ’90
Ray Yen ’82

Tiger Club

Dr. Robert L. Cody ’68, Chair
Stephen M. Capezza ’01
Alma O. Garcia ’81 P’15
Lindsey T. Ingram
Nicole A. Litt ’19
Kellee M. Murayama ’12
Jill M. Normington ’94
Jackie Provost ’02
Erik Rasumussen ’00
Christina A. Soffin ’99

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ViSTA: Volunteers in Service of Tiger Admission

Admission volunteers interview prospective applicants, represent Oxy at college fairs and attend national and international admission events.

Syed Zafar Abbas
Mark E. Adler ’16
Debbie Afar ’10
Janet Alcorn, Ed.D. ’81
Jane C. Alexander P’23
Heidi A. Allen P’23
Gregory J. Allen P’23
Natasha Anderson ’16
Elizabeth R. Andrews ’20
Jill K. Anzalone P’22 P’24
Peter M. Anzalone P’22 P’24
Shalini Arora P’23
Jose G. Arzate ’01
Stephen E. Austin ’86
Erin D. Ay ’20
Alexander R. Balgobin ’13
Kyle Ballard ’04
Lia A. F. Ballard ’10
Carol A. Band ’87
Oliver W. Baron ’08
Anne W. Barrow ’03 M’04
Kyle Beasley ’15
Alida E. Beck ’15
Vincent De Bellis ’18
Claire Bernert ’18
Willa J. Bernstein P’23
Isha Bhardwaj ’11
Rhea Bhatia ’19
Rebecca F. Bjorklund ’06
James B. Blackett ’15
Chelsea L. Blankenchip ’17
Emma Blickenstaff ’13
Jeremy Bloom ’18
Neah Bois ’19
Bernie Botz ’09
Abbie Bowers ’18
Claire Boyle ’17
Tyler Brewington ’13
Paige L. Brogan ’01
Bailee J. Brown ’15
Cynthia Brzezinski ’15
Amelia Buchanan ’16
Brian Bumpas ’12
Sydney F. Burrell ’14
Emily (Steidley) Bushong ’01
Kate Correll-Buss ’14
Claes Calemark ’83
Tania Camacho-Pineda ’13
Lygia X. Campbell P’22
Laura G. Canavan ’88 P’22
Katherine R. Carey ’13
Heather Dunn Carlton ’88
Bradley L. Vogel Castellanos ’15
Emma Catherwood ’10
Katie Cecconi ’19
Matthew Cecconi ’16
Emily W. Cederberg ’08
Jeffrey Chang ’18
Lichun (Lisa) Chang ’16
Cléo Charpantier ’19
Evita J. Chavez ’15
Allen Chen ’19
Annie Chien ’18
Miranda Chien-Hale ’13
Lilian S. Chin-Martin ’17
Michelle L. Christenson ’03
Margot H. Clifford ’12
Hannah Cohen ’17
Elizabeth G. Comenat ’95
Francisco M. Conceição ’87
Kyle Costello ’19
Kiera A. Cox ’18
Hailey M. Crowel ’06
Barbara Dabul, Ph.D. ’64
Brian K. Damron ’08
Sarah M. Dannin ’15
Lakshmi K. Dastur ’88 P’21
Stefanie C. Davis ’12
Jack Dayton ’18
Christopher R. Delaney ’88
Michelle DeLatuer ’08
Mischa DiBattiste ’15
Henry Dickmeyer ’15
Madeleine Dimarco ’17
Youping Ding P’22
Zoya C. Dixon ’05
Craig Dolven ’83
Maddisen Domingo ’12
Savannah D. D’Orazio ’18
Jack P. Doughty ’20
Sophie M. Doumit ’15
Elizabett (Romero) Drif ’14
Paschal Nikolas C. Dulay ’15
Claudia Dumpson ’16
Keven Duran ’15
Thomas Egan ’18
Mike Ellsworth ’85
Malena D. Ernani ’17
Jessie J. Evans ’06
Amber Fandel ’10
Cullen J. Faulwell ’14
Katelyn Fink ’19
Benjamin L. Finser ’13
James Fitzmaurice ’65
Hilary C. Fitzsimmons ’16
Morgan Flake ’12
Shelby E. Flavin ’17
Camilla L. Folger ’16
Janet M. Forbes ’87 P’18
Reed Foster ’18
Emily Fowler ’14
Collrane Frivold ’15
Elizabeth Furth ’11
Sophie R. Gabel-Scheinbaum ’17
Mark S. Gainey P’24
Richard L. Gammill P’23
Amy G. Gammill P’23
Laura E. Gardiner ’08
Isabel G. Geddes ’20
Katherine Gibbs ’15
Afshin Mohebbi-Gilani P’23
Madeline G. Gilman ’18
Peter T. Gilman ’13
Gail E. Ginell ’79
Ben Godfrey ’03
Aliza S. Goldsmith ’12
Emma R. Goldstein ’16
Michael Gonzales ’96
Tamara M. Goodman ’11
Molly Gordon ’13
Aaron S. Gottesman ’16
Benna Gottfried ’07
Alexander Granath ’20
Alex P. Graves ’09
Nicole H. Graves P’23
John T. Graves P’23
Jack Greenbaum ’11
Rachel Greene ’03
Nina E. Greenebaum ’15
Adam C. Greenhouse ’10
Bob Gutzman ’87
Karin B. Haas ’09
Madisyn Hallare ’19
Kevan Hammer ’04
Alexandra L. Healey ’18
Ryan W. Henderson ’18
Alison (Eisel) Hendricks ’08
Andrea Hernandez ’13
Maria Hernandez ’14
Maya Herzig ’15
Sue C. Hetzel P’23
Amanda (Milner) Hillman ’13
Evan Hillman ’13
Craig D. Hodges ’88
Aidan Holliday ’18
Anna Holm ’19
Darla M. Howell ’20
Wesley Hsiao ’17
Christina J. Huang ’03 M’04
Greta A. Jarvis ’15
Jenna S. Scanlan ’00
Emily M. Johnson ’15
Keith A. Jones ’16
Kendall Jones ’11
Malik P. Kaman ’95
Jonathan Kanellakos ’16
Maile M.N. Kawasaki ’17
Stephanie A. Kay ’10
Jacqueline E. Keeley ’10
Joel Key ’04
Juebong A. Khwarg ’11
Katherine Kim ’19

Shelby King ’13
Marnie Kinnaird ’14
Jessica A. Kirkpatrick ’02
Micah R. Kirscher ’20
Kendall Kiyohara ’10
Alison Kjeldgaard ’09
Teigynn Knight ’12
Hannah R. Kohanzadeh ’17
Alicia Cohen Kraus ’03
Nancy Anderson Kuechle ’75
Henrik Kuhl ’02
Emma Lalley ’14
Nathan Landay ’15
Kendahl Wallis-Lang ’18
Juan Larranaga ’95 P’23
Malia R. Latin ’11
Hyerin Lee ’18
Jessmine Lee ’18
Ryan Lee ’18
Laura E. Lee-Chin ’89
Andrew M. Leede ’10
Carolyn C. Liesy ’64 P’92
Wentao Lin P’22
Trevor Litwin ’17
Jessica M.T. Lobl ’09
Estrella Lucero ’14
Steve Luu ’15
Hampden T. Macbeth ’07
Morgan L. Maddoux ’11
Citlaly Madrid ’20
Jessie Fontana-Maisel ’16
Lucy K. Malloch ’16
Ian L. Mariani ’14
Todd Mark ’11
Claire T. Marsden ’14
Carolyn L. Marsh ’17
Sophie S. Martin ’93
Ava (Christine) Martinez ’15
Raquel M. Mason ’14
Casey M. McCormick ’10
Eric W. McKinlay ’76 P’12
Monika McLain, M.D. P’15 P’23
Peter A. Meade P’23
Ryan Metzler ’14
Andy Mezquita ’19
Michael S. Myers ’09
Debbie Mochizuki ’74
Dr. William Mochizuki ’74
Lauren A. Moffett ’08
Azadeh (Azi) Foyouzi-Mohebbi P’23
Teresa Mojarro ’15
Ashkan Mortazavi ’17
Aaron Mun ’09
Nirjhar Y. Mundkur ’15
April Muranaka P’23
Kevin M. Murphy P’23
Stephanie F. Myers ’09
Araceli Naranjo ’99
Hannah Neal ’16
John Niman ’16
Adelia J. Nunn ’20
Emory A. Oeding P’23
Steven C. Otis ’03
Rebecca Patch ’14
Darshana R. Patel, Ph.D. ’96
Elizabeth M. Pepas ’04
Paul L. Perez P’23
Patricia L. Phillimeano ’13
Carly Phillips ’12
David "Dave" Poetzinger ’89 P’17
Maria C. Poetzinger ’86 P’17
Evan Poirson ’09
Aric M. Ponce ’15
Anna (Wilson) Punihaole ’10
Abel J. Quintero ’17
J. Douglas Raff ’81
Aakash D. Raghubansh ’15
Paula M. Ramey-Pérez P’23
Elliott H. Reed ’14
Nathan Reynolds ’15
Stuart A. Rhoden ’92
Matthew C. Riback ’17
Allison Riemer ’10
Sofronia (Munoz) Ringold ’14
Marissa G. Robbins ’13
Marilyn Robertson ’70 P’00
Betsy H. Rooth ’74
Debra R. Rothman ’77
Mark Rountree ’79
Allison M. Ruari ’10
Dr. Kristin J. Rusk ’91 P’23
Jason M. Rusk ’91 P’23
Paul E. Sachs P’21 P’23
Zeljko G. Sakota ’01
Andrea "Pip" Sanders P’23
Aja-Fullo L. Sanneh ’13
Siddharth Saravat ’15
Anna Schutte ’17
Marisa (Pulcrano) Schwab ’11
Alayna Schwartz ’19
Isabel Schwartzberg ’19
Nikolai F. Schweingruber ’07
Ellen Seale ’18
Christine M. Seeley ’92 P’21 P’24
Elya Shamskhou ’14
Ilana H. Share ’17
Danielle J. Sherman ’12
Nitzan H. Sherman ’12
Michael Y. Shoga ’18
Sydney Silver ’16
Pooja Singh ’19
Michael D. Slagle ’96 P’23
Susan R. Smith ’95 P’22
Sierra (Dwyer) Smucker ’10
Angela I. Soley ’15
Deborah Southern ’11
Emma S. Spielfogel ’17
Grey S. Staples ’86 P’22
Stephanie Steinhaus P’23
Christine S. Stella ’09
Beth Stephens ’08
Jacob R. Stevens ’08
Shannon Stewart ’05
Daniel Stigall ’16
Molly A. Stout ’11
Sarah L. Streitz P’23
Krishnaveni Subbiah ’12
Elise R. Sugarman ’17
Snigdha T. Suvara ’20
Sarah M. Tamashiro ’15
Chad Tanioka ’16
Brian Tanksley ’13
Lisa M. Tegethoff ’99
Marisha Thakker ’14
Dayja S. Tillman ’17
Michael J. Tonetti ’16
Oren Torten ’17
Marshall Trautman ’16
Dana V. B. Tremallo ’15
The Rev. Sheena Trotter-Dennis ’97
Cristina M. Tucker ’92
Elinor S. Utevsky ’13
Jacob E. Valk ’13
Sophia Vallas ’19
Vincent P. Ventresca P’22
Dianne S. Ventresca P’22
Michael A. Vidana P’23
Sarah-Jane Vidana P’23
Samuel L. Vierra ’02
Linda Vu ’05
Charles E. Walcott ’64
Victoria A. Walker ’17
Kelsey M. Walter ’18
Jennifer Wang ’13
Emily Watkins ’15
Christopher M. Weeks ’16
Jessica M. Welty ’12
Spencer D. Whalen ’13
Chloe Wheeler ’19
Kasi D. Whitaker ’18
Katie N. Wiese ’15
David C. Wigglesworth, Ph.D. ’50 M’53
Julie Gardner-Williams P’23
Dominique M. Wright ’20
Katherine S. Wright ’11
Elizabeth Wytychak ’08
Katherine Yanagi ’15
Nicholas S. Yeh ’17
Fang Yuan P’24
Anthony C. Zepponi ’16
Madeleine Ziomek ’14
Michael Zlotoff ’05