Dear Oxy friends and colleagues,

This Campaign began with an audacious request: to imagine the vast possibilities of a better world.

The Oxy Campaign For Good was publicly launched in 2019 with a plan to strengthen the College for generations. As believers in a democratic society and the transformative power of liberal arts education, we saw no better time — and no place better than Occidental — to broaden access, empower academics and foster an environment of inspiration and support.

We turned to the community to join us in securing that comprehensive vision. Together we had just a few years to accomplish our goal.

We did it. You did it. The Campaign outpaced its initial goal by more than $27 million, raising in excess of $252 million. That extraordinary generosity will grow our endowment by more than $150 million and preserve the Oxy experience for years to come. A financial cornerstone for the College, the endowment climbed well over $500 million for the first time and will remain a key growth priority.

By every measure, this Campaign showed us the incredible dedication of the Tiger community. More than 15,000 alumni, parents, faculty, friends, students and staff came together across the country — and around the world — to support the cause. Hundreds volunteered for outreach, Reunion activities and countless other engagements, including welcoming new community members.

The Campaign also drew invaluable guidance from two Oxy presidents. Former President Jonathan Veitch navigated the Campaign’s initial phase, when we raised more than $100 million, and President Harry Elam led us through the unexpected challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to our successful Campaign close this year.

Thanks to every person who contributed time, talent and resources, The Oxy Campaign For Good will make a life-changing difference for Oxy students today and for generations to come. We hope the entire community shares our tremendous pride in the lasting achievements of this collective work.


With sincere gratitude,

Anne Wilson Cannon ’74

William M. Kahane ’70

Gil Kemp P’04

Ian McKinnon ’89