Building on Oxy’s Beaux Arts History

Love at first sight is a common reaction stepping onto the Oxy campus—and that affection only grows deeper over time. From Hillside Theater to Thorne Hall, these special places anchor the memories of generations of alumni. The campus is the lifeblood of the Occidental experience.

Oxy’s Beaux Arts charm reflects the vision of Myron Hunt, the Pasadena architect who created the College’s original master plan and designed every building erected on Oxy’s Eagle Rock campus for 30 years. His work was embellished by landscape designer Beatrix Farrand, who reimagined the heart of Hunt’s design in the late 1930s and early ’40s by replacing roads with terraces, planting oak trees and installing benches.

As the Oxy campus continues to thrive, new opportunities to reimagine cherished landmarks for the enjoyment of future generations present themselves. The Campaign will preserve Oxy’s rich architectural heritage, maintaining the Quad, courtyards and other welcoming spaces that have always played a central role in College life.

We seek to raise $40 million to maintain and modernize our beloved campus. Join us in preserving Oxy’s home for good.