Access and Opportunity

Occidental is dedicated to giving promising scholars access to an education that will transform their lives. Drawing on the cultural and intellectual resources of a global city, Occidental provides a springboard for putting theory into practice and ideas into action. Exposure to a broad range of intellectual, social and cultural viewpoints—the essence of a liberal arts education—elevates students in the classroom and beyond. Our responsibility is to provide this opportunity to exceptional students regardless of their circumstances.

Flexibility and Certainty

While the cost to attend Oxy exceeds $70,000 per year, 73 percent of our students receive an average financial aid package of $44,312. Even with that support, the cost of this high-quality experience poses a challenge for most families. Yet tuition, room and board do not cover the full cost of an Oxy education. The College relies on its endowment, private gifts and grants, including gifts to the Oxy Fund, to help finance everything from student scholarships and paid internships to summer research and other high-impact programs. Growing the endowment for financial aid will give the College the flexibility to continue providing gifted and diverse students access to an Oxy liberal arts education regardless of their circumstances. By investing in our future, we can unlock the College’s full potential for generations to follow.

We seek to raise $100 million to endow new student scholarships—our highest campaign priority. Join us in growing Oxy’s financial aid endowment for good.