How Your Philanthropy Can Support Scholarships

Four students sitting at a table together in front of the Oxy library

Oxy is committed to educational excellence through the liberal arts. That means the best academic preparation, both in and out of the classroom, to equip students to become global citizens, problem solvers and creative thinkers.

An Oxy education combines the intimate scale of our campus with the infinite scope of Los Angeles. The full Oxy experience includes a residential campus; small class sizes; close relationships with professors; high-touch academic programs combining theory and practice; hands-on experiences such as internships, research and study abroad; and best-in-class career services support. Once a talented student is identified, accepted and arrives on campus, as a community we are dedicated to giving that student access to all that Oxy can offer both on and off campus. Students liberated from financial worries can fully pursue their passions, dedicate themselves to their studies and use their time outside of class to apply those skills.

Our gift officers will work with you individually to discuss how to make a lasting impact on an Oxy student and how best to reach your philanthropic goals.

Endowed* Scholarships

Cornerstone Scholarship ($1,000,000)

Your investment in an endowed Cornerstone Scholarship would provide a named scholarship for one student from each class, for a total of four students each year, in perpetuity.

Endowed Scholarship Fund ($250,000)

Your support for an endowed Gateway Scholarship would provide one named scholarship for one student per year in perpetuity.

Travel & Research Fund ($150,000)

An endowed Travel and Research Fund would, in perpetuity, support a named fund designated for travel or research by one student per year.

Financial Aid Fund ($100,000)

Your endowed gift would create a named fund designated for financial aid support for one student each year in perpetuity.

Current Year Scholarships

Multi-Year Current Year Scholarship ($50,000)

Your multi-year current year gift would provide one named scholarship each year for five years

Cornerstone Current Year Access & Opportunity Fund ($30,000)

Your current year gift would provide one named current year scholarship, internship, and travel or research fund.

Gateway Current Year Access & Opportunity Fund ($20,000)

Your current year investment would create one named current year scholarship, and internship or research fund.

Current Year Scholarship or Opportunity Fund ($10,000)

Your current year gift would support one named current year scholarship, internship or undergraduate research fellowship.


*Endowed gifts contribute an estimated 5% of their principal each year for their designated purpose.