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We are grateful to the many volunteers who gave their time, expertise and spirit during The Oxy Campaign For Good. Read the full list of volunteers here

Board of Trustees

Board Officers

Lisa Hinchliffe Link P’18, Board Chair

Maurine S. Halperin P’16, Board Vice-Chair

Bob L. Johnson ’77, Board Vice-Chair

Amos Himmelstein

Barbara G. Valiente*

Marsha Kay T. Schnirring


Board Members

Olamide V. Ajose, Ph.D. ’87

Timothy Allison-Hatch ’71

David H. Anderson ’63

Magdalena C. Arenas, M.D. ’92 P’19

Carl A. Ballton ’69

David W. Berkus ’62 P’95 GP’16

John G. Branca ’72

Eileen A. Brown ’73

David W. Burcham ’73 H’13

Namandje N. Bumpus, Ph.D. ’03

Anne Wilson Cannon ’74

Lucia W. Choi-Dalton ’89 P’27

Lindsey K. Collins ’94

W. Don Cornwell ’69

Lisa Coscino ’85

Nancy N. Dambro, M.D. ’75 P’13

Hector De La Torre ’89 P’20

Dr. Gloria C. Duffy ’75

Dr. Diane L. Evans ’76 H’12

Bradley C. Fauvre ’87

Prof. Alan Freeman ’66 M’67 P’89 P’91

Dr. Michael G. Gibby ’68

Ronald R. Hahn ’66

Alison Tattersall Hawkins ’87

Brenda Barham Hill, Ph.D. ’71 P’03

Lori M. Hunter ’79 P’08

Gary L. Kaplan ’71

Susan Howell Mallory ’76 M’78

Dr. Greta J. Mandell ’72 P’92

Dr. Theodore Mitchell H’07

Tuan Q. Ngo ’07

Arthur L. Peck ’77 P’10 P’14

Steven R. Robinson ’77

Stephen D. Rountree ’71

Richard Rugani ’75

Reid G. Samuelson ’72

Soroosh Shambayati ’86 H’13

Lawrence R. Solomon ’84

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Harry J. Elam, Jr., Ph.D.

Board of Governors President

Brenda B. Hill, Ph.D. ’71 P’03

Presidents Emeriti

Dr. Theodore Mitchell H’07

Robert A. Skotheim H’89

Dr. John B. Slaughter H’99

Jonathan A. Veitch, Ph.D.

Chairs Emeriti

Christopher C. Calkins ’67 P’96

Dennis A. Collins P’94

Ginny Goss Cushman ’55

John R. Farmer P’98

Irwin S. Field GP’11 GP’14

Stephen F. Hinchliffe Jr. ’55 H’16 P’88 GP’18 GP’23

Peter W. Mullin*

John B. Power ’58 H’19 GP’12 GP’26

Catherine Young Selleck ’55 H’18


Trustees Emeriti

Ronald J. Arnault

Prof. Coit D. Blacker ’72

Alice Walker Duff ’69 H’02

J. Eugene Grigsby III ’66

Fred J. Hameetman ’62

Gil K. Kemp P’04

Allen W. Mathies, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

Ian McKinnon ’89

Kristine A. Morris ’76

Catherine A. Pepe ’64

Rosemary B. Simmons ’53

Christopher Varelas ’85

S. Tod White ’59

Charles E. Young H’97


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Board of Governors

Brenda B. Hill, Ph.D. ’71 P’03, President

Steven C. Case ’80, Vice President

Jackie M. Provost ’02, Vice President

Jacob R. Stevens ’08, Vice President

Kevin F. Adler ’07

Paul M. Andres ’81

Jordan A. Brown ’13

Stacey L. Carr ’04

Evita J. Chavez ’15

Rosny L. Daniel ’09

Williams K. Do III ’16

Sharon K. Emanuelli ’73 P’16

Cynthia A. Haynes ’13

William A. Johnson, Jr. ’75

Kenneth C. Kalunian, M.D. ’75

Deanna D. Kilgour ’86 P’18

Jessica A. Kirkpatrick ’02

Jaime L. Kotin ’12

Maria G. Limas ’95

Melody L. Malmberg ’79

Erika Nuno ’00

Calli C. Obern ’16

Araceli Naranjo ’99

Benjamin A. Phelps ’03

David I. Poetzinger ’89 P’17

Talia A. Robinson ’97

Esther H. Teodoro ’95

Richard Towner ’85

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Campaign Steering Committee

Many of Occidental’s most engaged alumni volunteers worked on the planning and priorities of The Oxy Campaign For Good.

Anne Wilson Cannon ’74, Co-Chair

William M. Kahane ’70, Co-Chair

Gil K. Kemp P’04, Co-Chair

Ian McKinnon ’89, Co-Chair

David W. Berkus ’62 P’95 GP’16, Member

Eileen A. Brown ’73, Member

Harold A. Brown ’73, Member

Lucia W. Choi-Dalton ’89 P’27, Member

Dr. Gloria C. Duffy ’75, Member

Gary L. Kaplan ’71, Member

John B. Power ’58 H’19 GP’12 GP’26, Member

Steven R. Robinson ’77, Member

S. Tod White ’59, Member

David H. Anderson ’63, Honorary Member

Dennis A. Collins P’94, Honorary Member

Ginny Goss Cushman ’55, Honorary Member

John C. Cushman ’55*, Honorary Member

John R. Farmer P’98, Honorary Member

Stephen F. Hinchliffe Jr. ’55 H’16 P’88 GP’18 GP’23, Honorary Member

Catherine Young Selleck ’55 H’18, Honorary Member

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Campaign Task Forces

Timothy Allison-Hatch ’71, Access & Opportunity

Carl A. Ballton ’69, Access & Opportunity

Eileen A. Brown ’73, Access & Opportunity

Enid A. Busser ’58, Access & Opportunity

Anne Wilson Cannon ’74, Access & Opportunity

Mark R. Dambro, M.D. P’13, Access & Opportunity

Nancy N. Dambro, M.D. ’75 P’13, Access & Opportunity/Science Task Force

Jane (Zimmerman) Ettinger ’81, Access & Opportunity

Bradley C. Fauvre ’87, Access & Opportunity

Samuel E. Gale ’07, Access & Opportunity

David L. Goldsmith ’70 P’06, Access & Opportunity 

Karen C. Green ’89, Access & Opportunity

Suzanne F. Greenberg ’82, Access & Opportunity

Octavio V. Herrera ’98, Access & Opportunity

Leif Isaksen, Ph.D. ’62, Access & Opportunity

Gil K. Kemp P’04, Access & Opportunity

Ann Z. Kerr-Adams ’56 H’18, Access & Opportunity

Judy M. Lam ’87, Access & Opportunity

Bonnie K. Mills ’81, Access & Opportunity

Anne B. Peterson ’67, Access & Opportunity

Richard Rugani ’75, Access & Opportunity

Gerald T. Sun ’65, Access & Opportunity

Sam Bergen ’04, Music and Media Arts & Culture

David W. Berkus ’62 P’95 GP’16, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Aimie J. Billon ’99, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Eileen A. Brown ’73, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Henry W.K. Choi ’90, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Lindsey K. Collins ’94, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Elisabeth V. Costa de Beauregard ’98, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Gabriela Cowperthwaite ’93, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Harry Fix ’83, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Sheila Grether ’76, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Jeffrey D. Grosvenor ’04, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Sara Ruth Halperin ’16, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Steve H. De Jarnatt ’74, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Bob L. Johnson ’77, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Robert B. Levine P’21, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Adam R. Mehr ’92, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Mark R. Miller P’19, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Ian A. Montone ’89, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Dr. Andrew G. Parks ’84, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Edward L. Rada ’78, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Joseph M. Rohde ’77, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Stephen D. Rountree ’71, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Jake R. Santelli ’12, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Robert Santelli P’12, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Cheryl E. Steinkellner ’77, Music and Media Arts & Culture

Jesus S. Trevino ’68, Music and Media Arts & Culture

David H. Anderson ’63, Science Task Force

Chelsea L. Blankenchip ’17, Science Task Force

Namandje N. Bumpus, Ph.D. ’03, Science Task Force

Dr. John J. Clague ’67, Science Task Force

Scott Corbett ’77 P’10, Science Task Force

Mary D. Dambro ’13, Science Task Force

Jeani C. Delagardelle ’78, Science Task Force

Dr. Diane L. Evans ’76 H’12, Science Task Force

Jim Finegan ’89, Science Task Force

Dr. Morris B. Goldman, III ’75, Science Task Force

Jorge Granja ’82, Science Task Force

Dr. Jack D. Griffith ’64, Science Task Force

Ann Hand ’76, Science Task Force

Dr. Vincent Hand ’76, Science Task Force

Peter B. Hanson, M.D. ’82 P’11 P’14, Science Task Force

Shawn Hanson ’83 P’11 P’14, Science Task Force

Kenneth C. Kalunian, M.D. ’75, Science Task Force

Jessica A. Kirkpatrick ’02, Science Task Force

T. Matthew Laroche ’76, Science Task Force

Robert G. Linde II ’87, Science Task Force

Charles McClintock, Ph.D. ’68, Science Task Force

Daniel A. Minguez ’09, Science Task Force

Susan L. Pattee ’84, Science Task Force

M. Jacinta Pister P’12 P’16 P’20, Science Task Force

Prof. Russell A. Reece ’71 P’95 GP’22, Science Task Force

Soroosh Shambayati ’86 H’13, Science Task Force

Dr. Michael E. Speer ’64, Science Task Force

Mike Steinberg ’72, Science Task Force

Mabel Vasquez ’93 P’25, Science Task Force

Karen E. Whittlesey ’95, Science Task Force

Janice R. Willson ’64, Science Task Force

Mark E. Woollen ’90, Science Task Force

Dr. Raymond S. Yen ’82, Science Task Force

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Parents Council

The Parents Council is composed of parents from across the country who are dedicated to participating in a leadership role within the Oxy community. Members are critical to building relationships between Oxy parents and the College and in conducting outreach to fellow parents on how Oxy Fund gifts impact the current student experience.

Azadeh Foyouzi-Mohebbi P’23, Former Co-Chair

Afshin Mohebbi-Gilani P’23, Former Co-Chair

M. Jacinta Pister P’12 P’16 P’20, Former Co-Chair

Dr. Sundar Rajendran P’23, Former Co-Chair

Terry A. Rajendran P’23, Former Co-Chair

Christine L. Anderson P’25

Isaac-Daniel T. Astrachan P’25

Meghan F. Astrachan P’25

Moira E. Bailey P’19

Dr. Bryan N. Becker P’24

Yolanda T. Becker P’24

Willa J. Bernstein P’23

Diane M. Bessette P’23

Dr. Kathryn D. Blanchard P’26

Erika L. Brewer P’21

William D. Brewer P’21

Annette J. Butner P’26

Chris A. Butner P’26

Eugene H. Clark-Herrera P’25

Sonya M. Clark-Herrera P’25

Andrew Cook P’23

Melissa Y. Cook P’23

Peter R. Denwood P’23

Sandy Y. Draper P’24

Thomas W. Duffy P’19

Mindy F. Duryea P’24

Dr. Cathy Farrell P’23

John D. Henry P’22

Michelle W. Henry P’22

Douglas S. Holm P’19

Eva T. Holm P’19

Leah N. Levine P’21

Robert B. Levine P’21

Erez Levy P’26

Meredith Levy P’26

Sang Mi Lim P’23

Yung C. Lim P’23

Caroline M. Moassessi P’25

Kurosh Moassessi P’25

Chris C. Moody P’26

Eric W. Muhlheim P’23

Dr. Lauren S. Muhlheim P’23

Kevin M. Murphy P’23

Paul L. Pérez P’23

Joshua A. Pesikoff P’26

Tracy L. Pesikoff P’26

Paula M. Ramey-Pérez P’23

Bruce J. Seeley P’21 P’24

Christine M. Seeley ’92 P’21 P’24

Donald R. Share P’23

Lisa Silverberg P’22

David Simmons P’23

Rebecca Smith P’24

Hillary D. Spruance P’25

Jacob V. Spruance, Sr. P’25

Grey S. Staples ’86 P’22

Joe Sweeney III P’26

Laura S. Sweeney P’26

J. Richard Whitmore P’12 P’16 P’20


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Affinity Groups

Built around shared interests or identity, affinity groups encourage meaningful Oxy connections through service, engagement and philanthropy.

Ginny Goss Cushman ’55, Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha

Katherine M. Kepler ’17, Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha

Rev. Stephanie Miller ’64 P’93 P’96 P’96, Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha

David H. Alpert ’71, Alumni of Occidental in Education

Jill S. Asbjornsen ’76, Alumni of Occidental in Education

Richard W. Blake ’79 M’80, Alumni of Occidental in Education

Prof. Kim W. Hall ’96 M’01, Alumni of Occidental in Education

Nancy Anderson Kuechle ’75, Alumni of Occidental in Education

John D. Kuykendall ’79, Alumni of Occidental in Education

Debra M. Wagner ’77, Alumni of Occidental in Education

Cynthia A. Haynes ’13, Asian Pacific Islander

Judy M. Lam ’87, Asian Pacific Islander

Janet N. McIntyre ’96, Asian Pacific Islander

Leslie Scott ’87, Asian Pacific Islander

Esther H. Teodoro ’95, Asian Pacific Islander

Regina C. Trammel ’98, Asian Pacific Islander

Ashley O. Ajayi ’15, Black Alumni of Occidental

Kyle N. Beasley ’15, Black Alumni of Occidental

Dr. Alice Duff ’69 H’02, Black Alumni of Occidental

Robin A. Hamilton ’08, Black Alumni of Occidental

Louis C. Hook ’80 P’12, Black Alumni of Occidental

Dr. Greta J. Mandell ’72 P’92, Black Alumni of Occidental

Eden Mekonen ’16, Black Alumni of Occidental

Michael S. Moseby ’97, Black Alumni of Occidental

Katrina A. Weti ’22, Black Alumni of Occidental

Dottie Burnett ’54, Gamma Kappa Theta Alumnae

Barbara Lee Parrott ’63, Gamma Kappa Theta Alumnae

Mary H. Payne ’62, Gamma Kappa Theta Alumnae

Jo Ann C. Williams ’51, Gamma Kappa Theta Alumnae

Angel R. Cervantes ’94, Occidental College Latino Alumni Association

Blanca E. Encina ’00, Occidental College Latino Alumni Association

Monique N. Hernandez ’00, Occidental College Latino Alumni Association

William A. Morales ’17, Occidental College Latino Alumni Association

Erika Nuno ’00, Occidental College Latino Alumni Association

Celia M. Pacheco ’85, Occidental College Latino Alumni Association

Angelica Salas ’93 H’07, Occidental College Latino Alumni Association

Elvira Bellizzi P’16, Occidental College Women’s Club

Enid A. Busser ’58, Occidental College Women’s Club

Robin A. Craggs P’21, Occidental College Women’s Club

Clara T. Gresham ’53 P’85 P’86, Occidental College Women’s Club

Martha E. Hidalgo ’81 M’82 P’12, Occidental College Women’s Club

J. Douglas Raff ’81, Occidental Rugby Alumni Association

Miro J. Macho ’65, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Daniela Luna ’15, Sigma Lambda Gamma

Dayja S. Tillman ’17, Sigma Lambda Gamma

Jose G. Arzate ’01, Out @ Oxy

Shannon L. Brueckner ’95, Out @ Oxy

Ryan Evely Gildersleeve, Ph.D. ’00, Out @ Oxy

Dr. Enrique Lopez ’89, Out @ Oxy

Keith H. Malone ’85, Out @ Oxy

Tuan Q. Ngo ’07, Out @ Oxy

Lisa A. Razzano, Ph.D. ’85, Out @ Oxy

Kat Ross ’03, Out @ Oxy

Melissa K. Schwartz ’86, Out @ Oxy

Daniel J.J. Selon ’08, Out @ Oxy

Jacob R. Stevens ’08, Out @ Oxy

Paul A. Waters ’77, Out @ Oxy

Daniel M. Woodruff ’85, Out @ Oxy

Nicholas T. Young ’12, Out @ Oxy

Les J. Zendle, M.D. ’74, Out @ Oxy


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Boesche Society

Liz B. Blackman ’80, Co-chair

Suzanne F. Greenberg ’82, Co-chair

Janette I. Sadik-Khan ’82 H’10, Co-chair

Mandy Boesche, Honorary chair

Hector De La Torre '89 P'20

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Class Secretaries

Class notes are the backbone of the Occidental magazine—and Oxy’s volunteer corps of class secretaries is vital to its success.

Gail E. Ginell ’79

Frances K. Moffitt ’44 P’70 P’71 P’75*

Peggy Sanchis Waters ’49 P’77

G. Seward Ingersoll ’50

Chester J. Acree ’51

Jo Ann C. Williams ’51

Emilie M. Smyth ’52

Willard O. Bangham ’53

Nancy R. MacCoon ’54

Donnelly M. Fenn ’56

Susan McKellar ’58

Jo Ann B. Hunter ’59 P’87 GP’09

Robin Hinchliffe ’60

The Rev. Deborah E. Brown ’61

Captain Victor J. Wadsley ’62

Barbara Lee Parrott ’63

Sharon J. Dawson ’64

Leona B. Greenlaw ’65

Gregory M. Gazda ’66

Steven J. Kawa ’67

Ann L. Matlow ’68

Mary C. Hoffman ’69 M’70

Andrew E. Rubin ’71

Donald A. Van Atta, Ph.D. ’72

Jeannette N. Helfrich ’73

Karen A. Casner ’74

Paul R. Walker ’75

Susan H. Eiden ’76

Diane L. Alterman ’77

Patricia A. Brugman ’78

Deanne Poulos ’80

Michael B. Jorgensen ’81

Dr. Karen L. Turchan ’82

Bruce M. Bader ’83 P’17

Margaret W. Meland ’84

Richard E. Miller ’85

Stacie A. Dalrymple, Ph.D. ’86

Helen S. Shafran ’87

Anna C. Pehoushek ’88

Julie D. Gonzalez ’89

Sharon M. Saxton ’90 

Loren A. Roberts ’91

David A. Stewart ’92

Sophie S. Martin ’93

Alice Ng ’94

Timothy Suing ’95

Delmy G. Lopez ’96

Jennifer K. Freemon ’97 M’99

Carlos E. Aguilar ’98

Sara Bushey Ohrel ’99

Jessica N. Keith ’00

David A. Edwards ’01

Sarah K. Stowens ’02

Jeremy Glatstein ’03

Joel R. Key ’04

Samantha B. Thacker, Ed.D. ’05

Karen M. Quan ’06

Jean L. Duong ’07

Beth Berlin-Stephens ’08

Jessica M.T. Lobl ’09

Deylin O. Thrift-Viveros ’10

Kyle A.V. Herrera ’11

Nicholas T. Young ’12

Kirsten E. Easton-Hazzaa ’13

Tayler K. Renshaw ’14

Jonathan L. Reynolds ’15

Christopher M. Weeks ’16

Wellesley A. Daniels ’17

Joscelyn Y. Guzman ’18

Anna T. Holm ’19

Adelia J. Nunn ’20

John Patrick S. Flores ’21

Lucy H. Smith ’22


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Day For Oxy Advocates

Nancy E. Artz ’68

Carol J. Baker ’86 P’19

Kelsey R. Belli

Babette M. Benken, Ph.D. ’87

Day Blake ’23

Steven C. Case ’80

Christine M. Chang, M.D. ’86

Sonya M. Clark-Herrera P’25

Jennifer L. Conroy

Azadeh Foyouzi-Mohebbi P’23

Denise Frost P’19

Clare Kennerly ’26

Leah N. Levine P’21

Robert B. Levine P’21

Meredith Levy P’26

Caroline M. Moassessi P’25

Afshin Mohebbi- Gilani P’23

Lara M. Nassar ’12

Haruna Ndahi

Tayler K. Renshaw ’14

Paul E. Sachs P’21 P’23

Siddharth Saravat ’15

Leslie Scott ’87

Christine M. Seeley ’92 P’21

Tanvi Varma ’19

Cynthia A. Wells, Ph.D. ’88

Brigette J. Young

APIDA Association

Detox Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

FEAST Organic Garden

First Generation Students

Motorsport Club

Occidental College Latino Alumni Association

Oxy Book Club

Oxy Boxing

Oxy Womxns Rugby

Pottery Club

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Students Teaching OXY

WAC Ultimate Frisbee


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Economics Committee

Christian Brickman ’86, Co-chair

Bradley C. Fauvre ’87, Co-chair

Arthur L. Peck ’77 P’10 P’14, Co-chair

Benjamin A. Phelps ’03, Co-chair

Steven R. Robinson ’77, Co-chair

Clare Shuey ’16, Co-chair

Daniel D. Springer ’85, Co-chair

Nicole C. Dedic ’10

Ian R. Husted ’13

Robert D. Kirchman ’80

Siddharth Saravat ’15

Susan P. Schroeder ’84

Christian D. Tregillis, CPA/ABV ’89

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Fifty Year Club

The Fifty Year Club board leads the planning and organization of FYC regional activities and the annual Fifty Year Club Day.

Linda Larson Ashley ’66, President

David Elson ’67, Past President

Howden Fraser ’69, President-Elect

Marilyn Robertson ’70 P’00, Member-at-Large

David H. Alpert ’71, Member-at-Large

Nancy E. Artz ’68, New Member


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GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Committee

Siddharth Saravat ’15, Chair

Dayna M. Chikamoto ’12

Anna S. Kurnizki ’13

Aja-Fullo L. Sanneh ’13

Enoch A. Sowah ’15

Christopher M. Weeks ’16

Matthew W. Weiser ’18

Rachel K. Wilson ’15


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Hameetman Career Center Executive Committee

The Hameetman Career Center Executive Council is a group of accomplished alumni and parents who advise and support the Hameetman Career Center in the strategic vision to transform career services at Occidental.

Christina Bird P’22
Robert R. Buchi ’87
Bradley C. Fauvre ’87
Allen H. Fukada ’86 P’21 P’24
Alison Tattersall Hawkins ’87
John D. Henry P’22
Lori M. Hunter ’79 P’08
Elisabeth Kennedy Lesser ’88
Brent A. Reinke ’84
Talia A. Robinson ’97

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Obama Scholars Advisory Council

The Obama Scholars Advisory Council is a group of civic, philanthropic and business leaders who provide ongoing support and counsel for Obama Scholars while at Occidental.

Hector De La Torre ’89 P’20, Co-Chair

Sara El-Amine ’07 H’18, Co-Chair

David H. Anderson ’63

Amb. Denise C. Bauer ’86

Ann Blume P’14

Bruce Blume P’14

John G. Branca ’72

Bill Davis ’80

Laurent L. Delanney ’82

Dr. Susan DiMarco P’17

Frederick P. DuVal, J.D. ’76

Mark D. Fabiani P’21

Prof. Alan Freeman ’66 M’67 P’89 P’91

Maurine S. Halperin P’16

Philip W. Halperin P’16

Wahid S. Hamid ’82 H’11

Octavio V. Herrera ’98

Jeh C. Johnson H’15 P’17

Bob L. Johnson ’77

Chris Johnson ’83

Jennifer Locke

Robert L. McKay ’86 H’03

Dr. Theodore Mitchell H’07

Steve Olson

David Plouffe

Prof. Ryan Preston-Roedder

Ben Rhodes

Eve M. Riley, JD P’17

Joel Y. Riley, MD P’17

Janette Sadik-Khan ’82 H’10

Dr. John B. Slaughter H’99

Roger G. Smith ’77 H’11

Maya Soetoro-Ng H’18

Joe Solmonese

Amb. Vinai Kumar Thummalapally

Richard Whitmore P’12 P’16 P’20

Jacinta Pister P’12 P’16 P’20


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Regional Engagement Committee Volunteers

Regional chapters provide alumni and parents an opportunity to partner in planning engaging events for Tigers nationwide.

Isaac-Daniel T. Astrachan P’25

Meghan Farley Astrachan P’25

Sienna G. Beckman ’11

Paige L. Brogan ’01

Baillee J. Brown ’15

Barbara J. Brynelson, M.D. ’77

Maxwell E. Calbick ’77

Stacey L. Carr ’04

Steven C. Case ’80

Margot H. Clifford ’12

Thomas W. Duffy P’19

Quinn P. Coan ’15

Melanie I. Cohen ’92

William D. Cohen ’89

Althea B. Dillon ’18

Savannah D. D’Orazio ’18

Thomas W. Duffy P’19

Benjamin L. Finser ’13

Rachael W. Gilkey ’03

Benna Gottfried ’07

Cynthia A. Haynes ’13

Ryan Henderson ’18

Gregory R. Impert ’02

Desmend O. Jetton ’13

William A. Johnson, Jr. ’75

Kenneth C. Kalunian, M.D. ’75

Juan Larranaga ’95 P’23 P’26

Amanda W. Lounsbury ’09

Melody L. Malmberg ’79

Diane Marin ’95

Shumway Marshall ’05

Clarissa Martinez De Castro ’89

Roberta R. Mathews ’72

William P. Meleney, Jr. ’72 P’15

Reena Mishra ’97

Jennifer E. Moore P’24

Leana M. Napoles ’10

Tuan Q. Ngo ’07

Calli C. Obern ’16

Darshana R. Patel, Ph.D. ’96

Angela Patriarca ’03

Jane S. Peters, Ph.D. ’72

Ross Pumfrey ’67

Abel J. Quintero ’17

Tayler K. Renshaw ’14

Nathan H. Reynolds ’15

Jonathan L. Reynolds ’15

Douglas D. Riddle, Ph.D. ’71

Sarah R. Rodriguez ’09

Katherine B. Rosvall ’64

Debra R. Rothman ’77

Aja-Fullo L. Sanneh ’13

Helen S. Shafran ’87

Shannon N. Stewart ’05

Daniel L. Stigall ’16

Analyss K. Sundara ’19

Lisa M. Tegethoff ’99

Esther H. Teodoro ’95

Matthew A. Thompson ’97

Jacob E. Valk ’13

Brandy D. Vause ’97

Christopher M. Weeks ’16

Rachel K. Wilson ’15


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Reunion Committees

Alumni Reunion Weekend is a memorable time to reconnect and reminisce with friends while celebrating the Oxy experience. Oxy’s reunion committees are integral to helping conceive creative and exciting ways to celebrate milestone reunions and support class giving.

55th Reunion Committee

Stephen N. Applebaum ’68 M’69

Nancy E. Artz ’68

Julienne E. Bryant ’68

Barbara Gibby ’68 

Barbara K. Hartl ’68

Ann L. Matlow ’68

Carl W. Mumm, Jr. ’68 P’17

Phillip Nichols, Esq. ’68

James W. Rough ’68


50th Reunion Committee

Willa A. Axenfield ’73

Sharon K. Emanuelli ’73

Patricia K. Gillette ’73

Dolores Li ’73

David M. Louie ’73

Jeffrey Peckham ’73 M’76 P’07

Valerie S. Reece ’73 P’95

Jeff Tarbox ’73


45th Reunion Committee

Kristin Wann Anderson ’78

Patricia A. Brugman ’78

Ross B. H. Buchanan ’78

Leslie F. Chatham. Ph.D. ’78

Gregory J. Kennedy ’78

Carol A. Laroche ’78

Jill E. Levin ’78

William F. Mitchell ’78


40th Reunion Committee

Dr. NaNotchka M. Chumley ’83

Shawn E. Hanson ’83 P’11 P’14

Michael Nelson ’83

Lynne J. Smith ’83

Kathy Thibodeaux ’83

Jennifer L. Weed ’83


35th Reunion Committee

Laura G. Canavan ’88 P’22

Heather C. Dunn Carlton, Ph.D. ’88 P’22

William F. Cochran ’88

Thomas A. Kosakowski ’88

Guillermina G. Lopez ’88

Lilly Omid ’88

Anna C. Pehoushek ’88

Elizabeth J. Sarmiento ’88

Jeanette Reedy Solano, Ph.D. ’88

Cynthia A. Wells, Ph.D. ’88

Sabina Zenkich ’88 P’23


30th Reunion Committee

Sophie S. Martin ’93

Ana R. Ramos-Sanavio ’93

Angelica Salas ’93 H’07


25th Reunion Committee

Anne M. de Ridder ’98

Scott A. de Ridder ’98


20th Reunion Committee

Horacio Aceves ’03

Courtney Stricklin Burgan ’03

Lauren M. Hill ’03

Benjamin A. Phelps ’03


15th Reunion Committee

Britney N. Bagley ’08

Robin A. Hamilton ’08

Carrie C. Harlow ’08

Jessica C. Harris ’08

Michael W. Heffner ’08

Kadiatou N. Markwin ’08

Jacob R. Stevens ’08


10th Reunion Committee

Redd Barua-Norton ’13

Mary D. Dambro ’13

Monique P. Danser ’13

Cynthia A. Haynes ’13

Ian R. Husted ’13

Tania Stewart ’13

Jacob E. Valk ’13


5th Reunion Committee

Althea B. Dillon ’18

Savannah D. D’Orazio ’18


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Volunteers in Service of Tiger Admission

Admission volunteers interview prospective applicants, represent Oxy at college fairs, and attend national and international admission events.

Mark Adler 

Deborah M. Afar ’10

Priya A. Ahmad ’22

Janet Alcorn, Ed.D. ’81

Mark Alcorn, Ph.D. ’82

Junko E. Anderson ’21

Alicia Arenas ’04

Jose G. Arzate ’01

Britney N. Bagley ’08

Kyle M. Ballard ’04

Lia A. F. Ballard ’10

Carol A. Band ’87

Lesandre H. Barley ’04

Dakota E. Bayard ’92

Alida E. Beck ’15

Kristin E. Beck ’11

Sienna G. Beckman ’11

Sarah R. Berkoff ’10

Rebecca F. Bjorklund ’06

Chelsea L. Blankenchip ’17

Paul D. Bogel ’79 P’17

Neah A. Bois ’19

Nola K. Bonis-Ericksen ’16

Bernard T. Botz ’09

Claire E. Boyle ’17

Cameron E. Brandt ’16

Paige L. Brogan ’01

Jordan A. Brown ’13

Barbara J. Brynelson, M.D. ’77

Cynthia E. Brzezinski ’15

Elise Burger ’11

Nicholas Burr ’05

Sydney F. Burrell ’14

Claes G. Calemark ’83

Laura G. Canavan ’88 P’22

Haley Carlton 

Stacey L. Carr ’04

Steven C. Case ’80

Emma L. Catherwood ’10

Katherine T. Cecconi ’19

Emily W. Cederberg ’08

Ronald J. Chan ’18

Lichun Chang ’16

Evita J. Chavez ’15

Allen Chen ’19

Annie Chien ’18

Miranda Chien-Hale ’13

Dayna M. Chikamoto ’12

Elizabeth C. Christeleit ’09

Hannah Cohen ’17

Francisco M. Conceição ’87

Katherine E. Correll-Buss ’14

Kiera A. Cox ’18

Anne Marie Crooke ’19

Hailey M. Crowel ’06

Jennifer Dally ’17

Sarah M. Dannin ’15

Vincent D. De Bellis ’18

Henry J. Dickmeyer ’15

Cindy M. Dong ’22

Sophie M. Doumit ’15

Claudia M. Dumpson ’16

Kirsten E. Easton-Hazzaa ’13

Thomas A. Egan, Jr. ’18

Michael P. Ellsworth ’85 P’17

Madeleine N. Farkas ’16

Cullen J. Faulwell ’14

Jenna G. Feldman ’18

Luis A. Figueroa ’19

Nikolay L. Filchev ’04

Alexandra Filkins 

Benjamin L. Finser ’13

James B. Fitzmaurice, Ph.D. ’65 P’93

Hilary C. Fitzsimmons ’16

Shelby E. Flavin ’17

JP Flores ’21

Camilla L. Folger ’16

Janet M. Forbes ’87 P’18

Collrane J. Frivold ’15

Allen H. Fukada ’86 P’21 P’24

Allyson M. Fukuyama ’13

Caroline J. Fuller ’21

Sophie R. Gabel-Scheinbaum ’17

Mark Gad ’18

Eduardo Garcia ’22

Laura E. Gardiner ’08

Errol L. Garnett, Jr. ’94 P’21

Michael L. Gayler ’75

Sara A. Gelenberg-Field ’97

Gail E. Ginell ’79

Isaac L. Glanzrock ’17

Jill D. Goatcher ’14

Benjamin R. Godfrey ’03

Julie D. Gonzalez ’89

Tamara M. Goodman ’11

Aaron S. Gottesman ’16

Benna Gottfried ’07

Carina M. Grande ’22

Alex P. Graves ’09

Jacob B. Greenbaum ’11

Adam C. Greenhouse ’10

Bob Gutzman ’87

Joscelyn Y. Guzman ’18

Karin B. Haas ’09

Madisyn Hallare ’19

Cynthia A. Haynes ’13

Julie F. Hedrick ’81

Ryan Henderson ’18

Madeleine E. Henry ’22

Esther Hernandez 

Jessica G. Hernandez ’16

Maya X. Herzig ’15

Evan R. Hillman ’13

Mindy M. Hoang ’22

Craig D. Hodges ’88

Aidan M. Holliday ’18

Anna T. Holm ’19

Mohammed A. Hoque P’16

Wesley Hsiao ’17

Christina J. Huang ’03 M’04

Liana Huang ’12

William Huang ’16

Andrew M. Huerta ’17

Shannon M. Hurley ’10

Greta A. Jarvis ’15

Kendall A. Jones ’11

Emily A. Kapins ’22

Tatum S. Katz ’17

Maile M.N. Kawasaki ’17

Stephanie A. Kay ’10

Tyler R. Kearn ’10

Amanda R. Keller ’13

Joel R. Key ’04

Andrew Khwarg ’11

Juebong A. Khwarg ’11

Deanna D. Kilgour ’86 P’18

Nora K. Killian ’18

Katherine Kim ’19

Shelby M. King ’13

Rebecca L. Kingsbury ’99

Marnie A. Kinnaird ’14

Kendall Y. Kitahara ’22

Kendall A.U. Kiyohara ’10

Alison L. Kjeldgaard ’09

Teigynn M. Knight ’12

Alicia Cohen Kraus ’03

Nancy Anderson Kuechle ’75

Henrik Kuhl ’02

Peter J. Kukla ’18

Jillian E. Kuo ’21

Anna S. Kurnizki ’13

Matthew A. Kuzio ’07

Nathan A. Landay ’15

Tobias Larkin ’20

Juan Larranaga ’95 P’23 P’26

Bessie M. Lebeda ’12

Jessmine R. Lee ’18

Ryan C. Lee ’19

Carolyn C. Liesy ’64 P’92

Maria G. Limas ’95

Chloe A. Lindner ’22

Jessica M.T. Lobl ’09

Brita E. Loeb ’16

Duncan Lord ’94

Steve Luu ’15

Hampden T. Macbeth ’07

Morgan L. Maddoux ’11

Citlaly Madrid ’20

Lucy K. Malloch ’16

Kam K. Mar-Havill ’84

Ian L. Mariani ’14

Claire T. Marsden ’14

Sophie S. Martin ’93

Raquel M. Mason ’14

Eric W. McKinlay ’76 P’12

Benjamin W. McNeil ’08

Tracy Merritt ’84

Sylvia Wills Millar ’91

Reena Mishra ’97

Debbie Mochizuki ’74

Dr. William Mochizuki ’74

Julia F. Moreland ’18

Tracy M. Morris ’91

Ashkan F. Mortazavi ’17

Nirjhar Y. Mundkur ’15

Julia K. Murray ’17

Michael S. Myers ’09

Leana M. Napoles ’10

Araceli Naranjo ’99

Hannah E. Neal ’16

Michael E. Nelson ’83

John W. Niman ’16

Adelia J. Nunn ’20

Ellin C. O’Brien ’17

Claire C. O’Connell ’10

Marvin Osorio P’21

Eva L. Burton Owens ’18

Jemma M. Parsons ’16

Darshana R. Patel, Ph.D. ’96

Summer Peet ’16

Katelyn Peloza ’14

Patricia L. Phillimeano ’13

Carly A. Phillips, Ph.D. ’12

David I. Poetzinger ’89 P’17

Maria C. Poetzinger ’86 P’17

Bristol K. Posatko ’05

Scott M. Pruitt ’18

Michele L. Puckhaber ’99

Abel J. Quintero ’17

J. Douglas Raff ’81

Rebecca Rawlings ’17

Nathan H. Reynolds ’15

Stuart A. Rhoden, Ph.D. ’92

Allison E. Riemer ’10

Sofronia M. Ringold ’14

Nadia K. Rivera ’11

Marilyn Robertson ’70 P’00

Elizabett Romero Ramirez ’14

Sybll K. Romley ’86

Betsy H. Rooth ’74

Debra R. Rothman ’77

Allison M. Ruari ’10

Zeljko G. Sakota ’01

Maida Salkanovic ’13

Tara Saxena ’13

Jenna S. Scanlan ’00

Anna B. Schutte ’17

Garrett T. Schwab ’15

Alayna L. Schwartz ’19

Ellen G. Seale ’18

Christine M. Seeley ’92 P’21 P’24

Michelin Rowars Sharp ’96

Danielle J. Sherman ’12

Nitzan H. Sherman ’12

Michael Y. Shoga ’18

Javier Silva ’17

AJ Sims ’13

Pooja Singh ’19

Lena C. Smith ’16

Angela I. Soley ’15

Deborah E. Southern ’11

Grey S. Staples ’86 P’22

Beth Berlin-Stephens ’08

Deborah J. Stephens-Stauffer ’92

Bailey I. Stevens ’19

Jacob R. Stevens ’08

Daniel L. Stigall ’16

Molly A. Stout ’11

Sarah B. Sweney ’06

Spencer G. Szabo ’14

Chad M. Tanioka ’16

Stephanie N. Tardif ’10

Carmen C. Tellez ’14

Esther H. Teodoro ’95

Dayja S. Tillman ’17

Reilly J. Torres ’19

Oren J. Torten ’17

Basile Trede ’09

Dana V. B. Tremallo ’15

The Rev. Sheena Trotter-Dennis ’97

Elinor S. Utevsky ’13

Olivia R. Valicenti ’18

Jacob E. Valk ’13

Luca J. Van der Meer ’22

Samuel L. Vierra ’02

Athena M. Villard ’20

Bradley L. Vogel Castellanos ’15

Linda T. Vu ’05

Charles Walcott ’64

Fay C. Walker ’13

Victoria A. Walker ’17

Janet Sedlock Wallace ’82

Kendahl Wallis-Lang ’18

Jennifer Wang ’13

Emily R. Watkins ’15

Cristina H. Weekes ’84

Christopher M. Weeks ’16

Cynthia A. Wells, Ph.D.  ’88

Emily J. Wharry ’20

Jonathan V. Wheeler ’10

Van M. Whiting ’08

Jonathan B. Wiener ’95

Katie N. Wiese ’15

David C. Wigglesworth, Ph.D. ’50 M’53

Malii C. Witten ’02

Yingfei Xin ’22

Katherine S. Yanagi ’15

Nicholas S. Yeh ’17

Luciana Yoshiyasu ’06

James A. Young ’22

Margaux G. Ziss ’18

Michael J. Zlotoff ’05

Cynthia W. Zuniga ’92


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