Alex Morse ’18

Alumna | Psychology | Class of 2018

Impactful mentorship relationships forged over the four-year student journey enrich faculty members’ perspectives and work, while also mapping students’ future success.

Such has been the case for Alexis “Alex” Morse and Andrea Hopmeyer, professor of psychology.

Alex became Hopmeyer’s advisee when she changed majors from political science to psychology—a decision attributed to “a need for a deeper understanding of the humanity of individuals.” In the time since, Alex has taken three courses with Hopmeyer: Adolescent Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Independent Study and Research.

Hopmeyer’s courses explore how individuals grow and change across the lifespan and the growing pains that accompany that evolution. Fittingly, Hopmeyer has seen much growth in Alex. “Alex has come into her own. Throughout her coursework, she has been incredibly engaged. The scholarship we’ve produced together this semester is the kind of work I couldn’t have done without a student. In the LGBTQIA+ college community, this research requires a personal connection with students; Alex has taken the lead in that work. I see great potential for her beyond Oxy.”

But it’s more than just the research that bonds them. “Dr. Hopmeyer is my local expert on what I am doing with my life next,” Alex says. “In psychology, there are many different types of graduate degrees. It can be really overwhelming. Dr. Hopmeyer is preparing me for whichever path I choose to take.”

Alex’s passions extend well beyond academics. She founded the Oxy Planned Parenthood Club, which was recognized as “Student Organization of the Year.” In addition, she was awarded the Promotion of the Status of Women Mortar Board Award for her work with that club.

She has also been active in Glee Club, “which receives a lot of gifts from alumni. We even do home stays on our tours with people who support the program. Glee Club has been a very clear place where support has made a difference every year on tour.” Inspired by the generosity that has been shown her, Alex is already giving back by doing what she can to help Oxy while she is still a student. “I just donated myself. I gave $20.18 to the Senior Class Gift Committee to help support the Oxy Annual Fund.”