Leslie Jones & Paul Zeller P’19

Parents | Class of 2019

Leslie Jones and Paul Zeller credit Occidental’s interdisciplinary academic approach for their daughter Chloe’s growth.

In her high school just outside Chicago, Chloe selected the Integrated Global Studies program, which had a style of education similar to Oxy’s, and she wanted to continue along that path.

Today, Chloe is taking full advantage of the opportunity to integrate several fields of study with a dual major: computer science and artificial intelligence, with a minor in math.

“Some kids know exactly what they want to do when they start college,” says Leslie. “Chloe didn’t, and Oxy was the perfect incubator for her to explore and grow.”

Their daughter was drawn to California in part because of its greater diversity. Her parents appreciate the enlightened, forward-thinking environment that is characteristic of Oxy.

“We’re supposed to give to the places that seem to further our view of the world,” says Paul, “and we expect there are other students like Chloe whom we could help. We’re trying to put our money where our mouths are.”

Paul and Leslie attended big state schools as undergraduates—he at the University of Wisconsin, she at the University of Michigan. “Occidental was a brand new direction in many ways,” they say, “and it has been an excellent environment to further Chloe’s growth.”